Controversial heavy-weight boxer Tyson Fury is one of 12 short-listed contenders for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year being hosted in Belfast (Photo: The Guardian).

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony gives the nation a chance to look back at the great sporting achievements of the last 12 months and re-live some of the highlights (or at least what coverage the BBC has left!).  The nominees include Andy Murray (fresh from his recent Davis Cup triumph); national sweet-heart Jessica Ennis-Hill who won her second world heptathlon title in August thirteen months after the birth of her son; and (albeit briefly) triple World Boxing Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury.  Tyson, the self-proclaimed "Gypsy King", has been in hot water with the press this week sparking calls for him to be removed from the short-list.  His detractors claim that he is not a suitable "role model" for the award so, in order to test this argument, The Weekly had a quick scroll down the honours board of past recipients.  Included in this prestigious list are Paul Gascoigne (drink problems, drug abuse, marital violence); Linford Christie (suspected drug cheat); and Sebastian Coe who is currently facing some uncomfortable questions about whether he helped Nike secure the 2021 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, just up the road from their American HQ.  Tyson Fury's comments may be offensive, but surely this award is for pure sporting achievement, not "personality"? 

As Christmas approaches and the final deals of 2015 are put to bed, thoughts start to turn to the prospects for the property sector in 2016.  A Savills Spotlight report released this week focuses on some key themes for next year across all sectors.  Following two years of strong capital growth, the expectation is that investors will focus more on rental growth and income returns, as well as value-add strategies.  However, whilst investors will inevitably need to be more forensic in their stock-picking, Savills pick out two examples of areas where they believe capital values are yet to correct significantly;  retail property in general and small lot sizes (sub £15 million) across all sectors.  Bull & Bear will be meeting up again over the festive break to discuss their thoughts on the year ahead and see how accurate their own 2015 predictions have proven to be!  Let's hope the rest of the predictions were closer to the mark than their sporting ones - such as England reaching the 2015 Rugby World Cup final!  Ever the optimist is Bull!

In rather unusual news, The South China Morning Post reported this week that Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia has just “come across” three Boeing 747 aircraft that have been sitting on its tarmac for over a year.  What is even more extraordinary is that the airport says it has no idea who left them there!  Indeed the airport authority placed an advertisement in a newspaper on Monday asking for the “untraceable” owners of the planes to come and collect them.  So far without success.  These versions of the jumbo jet went out of production in the early 1990s so they are probably no longer airworthy.  It seems therefore that this is actually a case of fly-tipping on a giant scale!  But how the owners could simply park up three 450 tonne jumbos and then vanish in the highly regulated, high-tech world of commercial airliners is anyone's guess.  Did they just rip the number plates off the front and jump the perimeter fence?