World champion Matthias Dolderer flies over the Horseshoe Bend near Lake Powell on his way to Las Vegas ahead of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship (Telegraph Images)

Economists, politicians and journalists seem to have spent most of this week discussing Marmite!  The very public spat between Tesco and Unilever, who supply the supermarket chain with the divisive spread, was finally resolved on Friday.  However, "Marmite-gate" did bring the issue of price inflation into sharp focus.  Indeed, Mark Carney told an audience in Nottingham that the current low inflation environment is set to change and, furthermore, that The Bank of England is prepared to tolerate a higher inflationary environment in the near term.   Worrying times then for many consumers facing a rise in the weekly food bill and for Marmite enthusiasts now considering a reluctant switch to Vegemite.  There are others, of course, who simply can't understand what all the fuss is about.  Marmite it seems is a bit like Donald Trump;  as the saying goes "you either love it, or you hate it!"

Construction started this week on the largest speculative development in Bristol for over twenty years.  The former Rolls-Royce site in Filton will soon be home to a 1 million sq ft mixed-used scheme, with the first of four phases of industrial and distribution units (totalling 580,000 sq ft and funded by the BP Pension Fund) now underway.  The scale of the development, to be known as Horizon 38, means that there will be plenty of hard hats on display.  Be warned, however; you can no longer just grab a Bob-the-Builder-style yellow hat and stroll onto site.  The Health & Safety fraternity representing some of the largest contractors and trade associations are introducing a new colour-coded scheme for hats, and yellow doesn't even make the cut.  Visitors to construction sites, for example, will now need to wear a blue hat.  Worth knowing if you are heading onto site for a photo opportunity and need to colour co-ordinate your outfit!

Novak Djokovic does not like losing.  Whilst Andy Murray booked his place in the final of the Shanghai Masters yesterday, the world number one crashed out of the tournament deliberately smashing his racquet and tearing his own shirt as his frustration boiled over.  There was speculation that London Zoo's resident silverback gorilla, Kumbuka, had a similar tantrum on Friday before smashing his way out of a triple-glazed enclosure and sending the zoo into temporary lock-down.  Kumbuka's keeper has admitted his charge can be "a little on the destructive side", but London Zoo is remaining tight-lipped on how the 29-stone primate actually escaped.  Far from smashing through a window in a show of dominance, it sounds more and more likely that Kumbuka simply took full advantage of the fact that someone left the key in the door!  The inevitable inquiry is already underway!