For the proud residents of Sunderland, this week provided a roller coaster of emotions.  There was a collective sigh of relief when Nissan confirmed on Thursday that it will build both the new Qashqai and X-trail SUV at its Sunderland-based plant, following as-yet-unspecified government "support and assurances".  But, fans of the local football team were still reeling from disappointment after the struggling Black Cats were dumped out of the EFL Cup, with their frustrated manager sent off for an abusive tirade.   David Moyes has until Tuesday to respond to a charge of misconduct.  In the meantime, he might do well to pick up the phone to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to discuss their bad language issues.  Mr Duterte revealed this week that God gave him an ultimatum on a recent flight telling him "to stop swearing or the plane will crash in mid-air".  The ultimate cold-turkey method to end all profanity!

The recently opened Victoria Gate shopping centre scheme in Leeds has transformed the city's retail offering with many of the retailers, including Calvin Klein and Gant, making their debuts in the city.  Hammerson's Chief Executive has made the bold claim that the £165 million complex will "raise the bar for retail across Europe" and it is clear that there has been a focus on creating a unique scheme with designs drawn on the city's textile heritage and a focus on the architectural detailing.  Fair enough, but for us the real footfall will undoubtedly be driven by the "John Lewis effect".  The department store retailer has been trying to open a store in Leeds for 30 years and it seems the 12,000 people who flocked through the doors in the first hour of opening simply weren't prepared to wait a moment longer!

After years of inquiries, commissions and indecision, the Government has finally given the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow.  Putting neatly aside the not-insignificant hurdles and fierce opposition, the new runway could provide capacity for an additional 260,000 flights by 2026.  So with more of us set to take to the skies, The Weekly thought it was an appropriate moment to brush up on our “air etiquette” to ensure everyone is clear on what in-flight behaviours are acceptable. Business Insider recently interviewed more than 60 flight attendants to compile a list of the behaviours that most annoy them.  Common complaints include hogging the overhead bins and asking for a pen to fill out bothersome immigration forms.  However, it is the practice of walking into the loo barefoot that seems to spark the most impassioned protest.  And it is one where cabin crew and passengers often appear to be at odds.  Article I of the Passengers’ Aeroplane Behaviour Bill of Rights compiled by Lonely Planet states: “Passengers shall be allowed to remove shoes from their feet, but only if the aforementioned feet don’t stink or present health risks to other passengers. The right of the passenger to go to the lavatory without shoes shall not be infringed, as it is really your own business should you want to stand in the urine of others.”  Enough said on that one then!