With just a week to go until Christmas, many of us will be looking forward to the moment we finally brush aside the discarded wrapping paper, collapse on the sofa, tune into a favourite festive movie and slowly digest the remains of the mince pies and Celebrations in peace.  The build-up to Christmas can test all our stamina, but this year it comes on the back of a roller-coaster twelve months that leaves us with plenty to reflect on. A rather sheepish Bull & Bear will be returning in January with both predictions for 2017 and some explaining to do!  Like most of us they were entirely wrong-footed by the rather seismic shocks that have rocked the boat in 2016. They confidently plumped for Manchester City to win the Premier League title, they were adamant we wouldn't leave Europe, and they dismissed Donald Trump's Presidential candidacy as an entertaining and mostly outrageous side show.  Unlike David Cameron, however, don't expect Bull to fall on his sword in shame.  Bull is instead taking his lead from the US President-elect.  He can't recall making any such predictions and thinks the whole thing must have been rigged!

Whilst 2016 has been the year of the unexpected, the bookies clearly think there is only one possible outcome at tonight's BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 with Andy Murray the nailed-on favourite to pick up the award for the third time.  Tonight will be a celebration of sporting achievement, but given it is the Christmas season we thought we should also collectively "boo" our top three 2016 sporting pantomime villains!  First up is Ryan Lochte, the US swimmer, who falsely claimed to have been the subject of an "armed robbery" during the Rio Olympics when, in actual fact, he had been held up by local security guards for vandalism. Embarrassing explanations followed!  The Australian bad-boy of tennis Nick Kyrgios gets a well deserved second place for "tanking" at the Shanghai Masters when he simply threw in the towel halfway through a defeat.  But top spot is reserved for now ex-Aston Villa defender Joleon Lescott who tweeted a picture of a £120,000 Mercedes fifteen minutes after a 6-0 drubbing by Liverpool.  When the inevitable backlash followed, Lescott excused himself by explaining that the image had been accidentally tweeted when his phone was in his pocket.  This being  a pocketof course that can unlock a phone, open Twitter, select new post, press add image, upload it into the tweet and press send!