A 6.2m tall giraffe built with over 40,000 Lego pieces stands outside a shopping centre in Shanghai. (Photo: Reuters/Aly Song)

There is no Six Nations rugby this weekend. However rugby has still made the headlines thanks to a report released by a group of doctors and academics advocating the banning of tackling in school matches. Whilst The Weekly always tries to offer a balanced view, our impartiality has been severely tested by this suggestion! Yes rugby players can get injured and yes, sometimes those injuries are serious or worse still life-changing. However at a time when the quality of rugby in the Northern Hemisphere is a million miles behind that being served up by Australia and New Zealand, the last thing the sport needs to do is go all 'soft'. If they ban tackling they might as well ban the sport altogether. Rugby helps build characters, keeps the brewing industry afloat and, if you are still not convinced of its virtues, you really should take a look at this video. The rugby tackle also makes the world a safer and better place!

Like it or not, we live in a celebrity-obsessed world. With society increasingly fascinated by film, sport and pop stars, Knight Frank released their 2016 Wealth Report this week to let us have our latest fix. Who doesn't want to know that sales of super yachts rose by 40% last year, or that there are now more than 13 million millionaires across the globe, up from 8.7 million in 2005? Who doesn't want to know that the value of classic cars rose by 17% in 2015? Of particular interest to the property industry is that ultra-high net worth individuals account for 25% of property investment volumes worldwide, with individuals said to have invested $1 trillion on commercial property since 2009. Indeed 2015 saw £170bn invested alone (£16bn in the UK), with hotels being the most popular sector. With the expectation that wealthy individuals will continue to increase their weightings to commercial property given its attractiveness in comparison with the other asset classes, maybe we have finally found a genuine excuse to log on to Daily Mail Online each morning - client research and business development.

It is unlikely that you will have forgotten that today is Mother’s Day, a day of celebration of mothers and the maternal bond. Whilst many of us will have ordered flowers and bought cards, a company called Magic Freebies has spotted an apparent gap in the market and has been offering a free 'hug-a-gram' for those children who won't be able to give their mum a cuddle of their own today. Their service offers a variety of 'huggers' of all shapes and sizes, each with their own 'hugging style' to best suit their mum's cuddling needs. The hugger then visits the mother at a chosen location and delivers a hug in the chosen style. Cuddling styles on offer include 'the super squeeze', 'the pat', 'the sway' and 'the deadlock'. Choosing a bunch of flowers and a card still sounds the easier and better option if you ask us.