The largest water fight in the world. People celebrate the Songkran Festival (13-15 April) by throwing water at each other to mark the traditional Thai New Year. (Photo: Zheng Siqi)

For once this week we found some common ground with Donald Trump as he told reporters that "Jordan Spieth had choked a little bit” during his final round at The Masters. Given Spieth had a five-shot lead and was only nine holes from a third major victory and second Masters title by the age of 22, the reality is that at about 10pm UK time on Sunday, Jordan made a super-charged surge up the list of 'greatest sporting chokes' of all time. We will each have our favourite. Anyone for Greg Norman at The Masters in 1999 or Jean Van de Velde blowing a three-shot lead on the last hole at The 1999 Open? How about Steve Harmison's first ball of the 2006/7 Ashes, Jana Novotná at Wimbledon in 1993 or a particular favourite of this Tottenham-biased Weekly, John Terry when it comes to taking a Champions League Final penalty? With the chance to win Chelsea’s first-ever European Cup, all he had to do was score from 12 yards. However he ‘unfortunately’ slipped and missed, with Manchester United going on to win the shoot-out. Perhaps his banner at Stamford Bridge should be permanently amended to JT: Captain, Leader, Legend, Choker?
One of the very few perks for commuters who travel with South West Trains into Waterloo each day is the opportunity to witness the ongoing changes to the Nine Elms area of south-west London. This vast, under-utilised former industrial zone encompassed a disused power station, a wholesale fruit and vegetable market and a sewage-pumping station. However by the end of 2016 over 3,000 new homes will have been delivered, nine independent retailers will be occupying the first phase of the Power Station scheme, whilst workers at the US Embassy will only be a few weeks away from taking occupation of their new home. Yet negative stories continue to be published, whether it be that not enough of the flats have been sold to Londoners, that some of the unfinished flats are already being marketed for resale (with asking prices slashed) or this week’s news that the Northern Line Extension tunnel drive has already been delayed by over six months. Surely however, at a time when London is already larger than at any point in its history and is currently adding the equivalent of a tube train full of people to its population every week, regeneration projects of this scale should be applauded and not slammed.
We all knew it was happening but this week someone has proved it. Confectionary giants have been reducing the number of sweets contained in some of their best-selling products but keeping the prices the same! Scandalous. Whilst The Weekly cannot yet verify if the numbers are 100% accurate, the number of Fruit Pastilles in a pack has been cut from 44 to 39, whilst the number of Fruit Gums and Jelly Tots has dropped from 76 to 67 and 148 to 138 respectively. According to consumer campaign group A Spokesman Said, this is a classic case of ‘shrinkflation’. But it is not just confectionary lovers who are currently up in arms. Coffee drinkers have also been working themselves into a right froth over a recent video that shows that a large Costa latte can fit into their regular-sized cup without spilling, as it can at Caffè Nero and McDonalds. According to a spokesman for The Weekly, this is a classic case of ‘people having far too much spare time on their hands’.