A child smiles with an owl butterfly at the launch of the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum. (Photo: Dylan Martinez/Reuters)

And so this week saw the end of the first quarter of 2016. In sport we have seen the England rugby team claim an unexpected Grand Slam and Leicester continue their unexpected pursuit for Premier League glory. Andy Murray lost the Aussie Tennis Open final (again) and Maria Sharapova tested positive for drugs. And on the penultimate day of the quarter, England reached the final of the World T20 Cricket and play the West Indies this afternoon. In the world of entertainment we have mourned the deaths of icons like Ronnie Corbett, David Bowie, Terry Wogan and Paul Daniels. In business and politics the FTSE 100 and the price of oil have bounced around like yo-yos, Iain Duncan-Smith resigned over the implementation of his own welfare proposals and Trump/Clinton have made further strides towards the White House. Tata Steel has put their UK business up for sale and BHS has agreed a CVA. The government has warned of global economic uncertainties and announced the date for the European Referendum. And regrettably, we have seen further terrorist atrocities. So it’s been a real mixed bag. With the start of Euro 2016, the European Referendum, the London Mayoral Election, the weather supposedly improving and of course the St Bride's Annual Seminar (8 June) all scheduled, Quarter 2 has all the makings of being equally fascinating.
Does size really matter? Of course your answer will depend on the context, but should you happen to be walking the streets of London any time soon, cast your eyes towards the sky and your answer should most definitely be 'yes it does'. For London's skyline is changing, with tall buildings springing up in all parts of the city. And what's more, according to New London Architecture, there are almost double the numbers of tall buildings in the pipeline compared with two years ago. Since this time last year, a total of 119 buildings of over 60 metres tall have entered the planning process taking the total to 436, of which 89 are already under construction and 233 have approval but are yet to start. This going high is not solely a London trend. According to the RICS, last year a record-breaking 106 buildings over 200m were completed, taking the global total of skyscrapers past 1,000. By the end of 2016, another 135 new skyscrapers are expected globally. To put all this in perspective, there were only 265 buildings in excess of 200 metres in 2000. So if it was ever in doubt, it appears size really does matter.
Whether it was as a six-year old in the playground, an eighteen year old in the pub or as a fifty-year old at a dinner party, we will all have been asked the question ‘Given the choice, which superhero would you become and why’? Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Spectre? Well this week Warner Bros and director Zack Snyder released their take on Batman versus Superman. It is not for The Weekly to act as a spoiler or as a film critic, but the film has divided opinion like few other movies. On the one hand the film holds a rating of just 29% on review aggregate site 'Rotten Tomatoes', receiving some of the most stinking reviews in recent times. On the other hand the film took a staggering $424 million at the box office on its opening weekend. These contrasting views just go to show there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to superheroes. That said, you’d be mad to look beyond Martian Manhunter. He has super strength, speed and invulnerability, plus the ability to become invisible to the naked eye - at least that is what my six-year old son keeps telling me!