An elephant relieves an uncomfortable itch in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. We just hope the mound he has carefully chosen is termite free! (Telegraph Images)

It's the Spring Bank Holiday which means an extra day of rest and recuperation after a busy week. That is unless you spend the hard-earned extra day stuck in gridlock on the A303 or M5 along with everyone else! Traffic jams are unfortunately part and parcel of the Bank Holiday getaway, but for how long? The more optimistic technologists close to the automotive industry believe that we will soon be able to rely on cloud-based data beamed up from cars, buses and even bikes that will help to manage traffic flows and optimize routes.  If you believe traffic intelligence specialist, Inrix, it won't be long before your car checks your online diary, plans your route and even messages your friends if you are going to be late!  It is a Utopian dream you may have plenty of time to ponder on the long journey home tomorrow!

A study by De Montfort University released this week revealed that confidence has by-and-large returned to the commercial property lending market. New loan originations have reached a six year high and the value of outstanding loan books saw its first increase since 2008. Overall £53.7bn of loan originations were recorded in 2015, compared with £45.2bn in 2014. The apparent resurgence in appetite for commercial property also appears to be based on strong lender discipline with average LTVs actually falling in 2015 across all sub-sectors. Closer analysis, however, reveals that there is still a strong (and increasing) bias in favour of exposure to Central London and a preference amongst lenders for big-ticket development and investment projects. For those working to raise development finance for smaller projects in the regions, the analysis won't offer much comfort.

It is just seven months since Jose Mourinho was unceremoniously bundled out of the exit door at Stamford Bridge with his former club, Chelsea, languishing just one place above the relegation zone and having accused his players of "betraying" his work. However, it would seem that the powers of the self-anointed "Special One" extend to erasing such managerial blips from our collective memory.  Announcing Mourinho's appointment as the new Manchester United manager, executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward stated that "Jose is quite simply the best manager in the game today".  Recent troubles firmly forgotten then!  Rumour has it that Manchester United have been celebrating securing Jose's signature by acquiring commercial property around Old Trafford this week. Or perhaps it is more a case of needing the additional rental income to pay his astronomic wages!