A mountain biker watches the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean from a sea wall in Gran Canaria. (Credit: Alan Dawson News / Alamy Live News).

Just over a week has now passed since Euro 2016 started and thus far much of it has gone as expected. On England watch, the team has shredded their fan’s nerves with injury-time 'activity' in both their opening two games, whilst some of their so-called fans have responded by engaging with the local enforcement officers in their usual disgraceful way. The tournament has already seen one long-standing record broken, that of the oldest player ever to play in the competition, a record now held by Gábor Király of Hungary. Other than for his age (40) and his appearances for Crystal Palace in 2004, Király is probably best known for his baggy grey tracksuit bottoms that he wears religiously in every match, bottoms that make him look more like a dodgy keeper from a local 5-aside astro team than a top-flight international. Bizarre pre-match superstitions like wearing baggy bottoms, or having to enter the pitch last or always tying up the left laces of a boot first are common. Perhaps the Home Nations’ players should be refreshing their own superstitions to ensure they are all still in the tournament by the middle of the coming week.
With less than a week to go now until Referendum Day, it comes as no surprise that the capital markets are all over the place. Describing them as volatile hardly does it justice. On Tuesday the FTSE 100 fell 2%, bringing the amount wiped off the index to over £100bn in four days. Then on Wednesday the Index closed up 0.73%, and ended the week 1.7% down on where it started. 10-year UK government bonds fell on Tuesday to a record low of 1.11% (down 25 bps in less than 4 weeks) before edging up to close the week at 1.15%. And a survey this week by Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows that fund managers are holding more cash than at any time since 2001. So what about property? According to CBRE’s latest Monthly Index, commercial rents and capital values continued to grow in May 2016. Rental values grew by 0.1% over the month, with capital value growth of 0.2% over the same period. No one can yet be sure which way the vote will go on Thursday, let alone what the effect will be on the UK property market. But in these highly volatile times, property does still look an attractive bet in comparison with the alternatives.
Emails have revolutionised office life, providing an instant way to communicate with colleagues and clients alike without the need to pick up the phone or lick a stamp. Last year we sent a staggering 74 trillion emails (or 2.4 million emails per second!). Many of the emails we receive are unsolicited and pointless (The Weekly clearly fits into neither camp) but perhaps more worrying is the fact that on average we spend the equivalent of 36 days a year on them. "Doing emails" is seen as a good day's work, but that now appears to be changing as businesses are starting to look for ways to reduce or eradicate them to boost productivity and give employees their lives back. Volkswagen now turn their server off at 5.30pm every night whilst the Halton Housing Trust announced this week that they will be doing the same to address staff "addictions". As we approach the main holiday season, the debate as to whether we should 'check or not check' will clearly resurface. That is unless you work for Daimler who prevent their staff getting emails when they are on holiday. Whether the 'I am on holiday so not allowed to access my emails' out-of-office message will catch on remains to be seen, but now is certainly the time to enquire if you feel you want or deserve a complete break.