Giant Panda tea party; Triplets Mengmeng, Shuaishuai and Kuku tuck into bamboo shoots and carrots at their second birthday party (Guardian Images)

We are less than a week away from the greatest sporting show on earth, with all eyes turning to Rio on Friday.  Yet, rather sadly, this week has largely been dominated by concerns over the seemingly shambolic preparations.  The city's new metro line has not been fully tested, the "Disneyland for Athletes" accommodation is failing to live up to its title, and the sailing venue is supposedly rat-infested - making the dry capsize an absolute imperative!  The Weekly hopes that the Brazilians are relying on a strong sprint finish when it comes to delivery.  Either way the opportunity for competitors from 206 countries to come together to compete is an enthralling prospect.  Think Bolt, Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah and get ready to savour the action. 

Reference to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) may understandably take the edge off your Sunday morning feel-good factor.  In fact there is no turn-off topic to rival the EPC!  Unfortunately it is an issue that landlords in both England and Scotland can't afford to ignore.  As of 01 April 2018, the government is changing the rules and, with up to 35% of commercial building stock being affected, it may pay dividends for property owners to take action now.  Yet whilst UK landlords scrabble around to meet the deadline, our alliance partners in Australia are taking a more proactive approach on the energy front.  EG Funds are actively capitalizing on the country's drive for zero carbon buildings with a new High Income Sustainable Office Trust.  The fund is focused on acquiring office assets with sub-quality energy certificates and boosting the ratings (often with tenants remaining in situ).  And, what is more, the fund is backed by the Australian government who have committed AUS$125 million as a cornerstone investor.  A win-win for everybody!

Imagine strolling out of your local village pub after a couple of pints only to be confronted by an angry looking ostrich.  Your first reaction would be to seriously question the alcohol content of your pale ale, but for residents of a small East Ayrshire village this week the prospect of coming head-to-head with a 2-metre tall bird became all too real.  The rogue ostrich quickly picked up an online following and, inevitably for celebrities these days, its own Twitter account.  According to his profile, the escapee is apparently quite willing to surrender for a 3-bedroom Council House.  Negotiations are presumably still ongoing!