Mind the drop; Tourists in China brave the Toiling Dragon Cliff skywalk, a 100 metre long, glass walkway on the edge of Tianamen Mountain (Telegraph Images

Headline news this week was the Bank of England's decision to cut interest rates to 0.25%, the lowest level in its 322 year history.  So whilst the market discussed the impact on the 10-year Gilt yield (which hit 0.64%!), the cost of mortgages and the impact for pensioners, The Weekly wondered what interest rate was actually being applied back in 1694!  A quick delve into the history books reveals that the Bank of England was initially set up to raise money for the Government, which was strapped for cash and unable to fund the rebuilding of a Naval fleet decimated by the French.  The Bank initially provided a loan of around £2 million at a rate (according to the Bank's own data) of 6.00% pa.  So what does this tell us?  Well, King William III's nine year war on France would have been much cheaper in today's terms!   

The rumour mill was rife this week with speculation that Manchester United are on the verge of re-signing Juventus star and French International Paul Pogba for a world record transfer fee, estimated to be in the region of £112 million!  So how do clubs actually value a player?  By the number of shirts sales?  Goals per season?  It is a question Manchester United fans will be fully justified in asking given the club released him on a free transfer back in 2012!  Talking values, the art/science of property investment valuation takes The Weekly back onto more familiar territory.  Yet it appears that those investors looking for a bargain in the anticipated post-Brexit fallout are finding those discount deals hard to come by.  Flows into retail funds have started to recover, with large scale asset divestment apparently no longer so urgent, whilst the weak pound has seen overseas investors in competition for properties across multiple sectors and regions.  Furthermore, the reported £80 million acquisition of Prudential's City of London HQ by The Oman State Oil Fund this week is a welcome indicator of the enduring faith in London's office market, Brexit or not. 
The role of PR manager for Donald Trump's Presidential campaign must be a highly stressful job!  This week Trump's stand-out gaffe was to evict a crying baby (and it's mother) from a Virginia rally, an act that was little short of public relations suicide.  The Weekly could spend paragraphs debating the pros and cons of social media, but in these instances the internet does provide an instant forum for the public to air their views and there was no shortage of jokes at The Donald's expense.   One Tweet quipped: "We need a complete shutdown on babies entering the US 'til we know what's going on"!  Surely Trump could make life so much easier for himself?  At Hillary Clinton's rally this week she gave one lucky girl a lego kit.