There has been a wholesale changing of the guard this week. The established order in the tennis world was rocked when the previously unstoppable pairing of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were both knocked out of the Australian Open by rank outsiders; the leader of the world's largest Communist Party took to the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos arguing strongly for globalisation and the wonders of free trade; and Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the United States set on charting a very different course to that of the outgoing Obama Administration. Whilst Michelle Obama's rather comical facial expressions during the ceremony did little to disguise her thoughts on her husband's replacement, Obama himself graciously mouthed "good job" at the end of the President's Inaugural speech. The Weekly wonders whether the same sentiment will apply when the American people come to reflect on Trump's term of office in four year's time?  He has certainly given himself a long and challenging enough to-do list!

The property industry this week unanimously welcomed tough new guidelines from the RICS on the practice of "double dipping".  If it is at this point you are tempted to do a Google search for the definition of double dipping, please note that this search comes with a disclaimer as it would appear that the term has all number of connotations (not all property related)!  The practice we are referring to, of course, is that of dual agency, where an agency acts for both the seller and buyer in the same deal.  This will now be banned under a mandatory Professional Statement on Conflicts coming into force in January 2018 and removes any grey areas previously surrounding this practice.  With an illustrious Past President of the RICS sitting on St Bride's Managers Board, the editorial team at The Weekly are used to "Best Practice scrutiny" at all times - even if that does mean not double dipping chocolate digestives into our morning cup of tea!

As we reflect on a momentous week in world politics, at least back home in the UK there are reassuring signs that life will continue as normal.  Theresa May's speech setting out a 12 point-plan for exiting the EU reinforced the PM's fashion credentials, but raised as many questions as it did answers on the Brexit conundrum; Property Week reported another record breaking property yield (4.6%) paid by Runnymede Borough Council for Egham Business Park in Surrey; and Boris Johnson was back in trouble following his rather derogatory comments about the French President!  You have to feel for Mrs May and her team who will have spent many hours drafting and re-drafting her key-note speech, only for Boris to (metaphorically speaking) rip it into tiny pieces, jump on it several times, and throw it out of the window!  "Oh Boris..."!