After months of eagerly anticipated build-up, the eyes of the nation will be focused Down Under this week in the hope of some nail-biting entertainment.  Yes - you guessed it - "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" returns to our screens tonight for another round of bush-tucker trials, obligatory shower scenes, camp-side revelations and Boris Johnson's dad.  If, however, you can't stand the sight of creepy crawlies, or have simply never heard of Jack Maynard, Georgia "Toff" Toffolo, or Jenny McAlpine (??) you could always switch over to the cricket.  The Ashes kick off at The Gabba on Thursday and the bookmakers have Australia at short odds to reclaim the Ashes urn.  Let's just hope it is not the England team crying "Get me out of here" when fast bowlers Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins get their chance to give the tourists a true Aussie welcome!

We are all getting used to the regular research updates confirming UK industrials' status as the top performing sector for capital value growth.  This week, however, one deal has given us a perfect opportunity to show this performance in action.  The Weekly understands that Pacific Industrial & Logistics, the specialist UK REIT, recently sold a warehouse in Bedford, for £5.8m after purchasing it last year for £3.55m.  This represents a 64% uplift in value and translates into an IRR of around 43%.  We are no doubt over-simplifying, but that's not a bad return for re-letting a warehouse in anyone's books! 

Talking of good deals, Black Friday is back.  The shopping craze which landed on UK shores four years ago is almost upon us and looks set to become a permanent fixture in the calendar, with retailers slashing prices to capitalise on the pre-Christmas sales rush.  Expect to see die-hard shoppers camped out on the streets on Thursday night ready to bag (and even fight for!) the best deals.  Whilst many bargain hunters will be waiting in eager anticipation, The Weekly is more sanguine about the experience.  As one bruised shopper put it, "Black Friday is more like an episode of the Hunger Games, where the winner gets £10 off a toaster"!  Still if scrumming it in-store is not your style, you can always wait for "Cyber Monday" instead and browse the deals from the comfort of your desk or home computer.  No travelling, no queues, no fighting with other sleep-deprived shoppers for an over-sized flat screen TV you didn't need in the first place.  Plus, with great bargains on Cyber Monday too, it is the perfect excuse to put off any real work until Tuesday!