The Ashes and the Brexit negotiations followed a similar bumpy trajectory this week.  James Anderson's 5-wicket haul in Australia's second innings briefly gave England fans false hope in Adelaide, whilst Theresa May's hopes of a divorce deal were momentarily scuppered by the DUP's Arlene Foster.  England's batting resistance crumbled; Theresa seemingly pulled the rabbit out of the hat to finally secure a deal in the early hours of Friday morning.  The terms of the much-scrutinised divorce deal, however, were not the only urgent EU matter on the agenda this week.  There was also worrying news that the future of the hugely popular doner kebab is in mortal jeopardy following health warnings.  Headlines such as "Is the doner a goner?" and "For pitta's sake" have fuelled speculation that MEPs in the European Parliament may vote to control the phosphate additives that bind the meat together on the spit.  Bad news for revellers in the midst of the Christmas party season.  The doner kebab is both part of the late night party goer's home-time ritual and a crucial aide in the initial sobering up process!

CBRE's UK Healthcare Investor Survey, released this week, revealed a dramatic surge in the weight of capital targeting the sector.  Over 60% of the investments were Care Homes, but the arrival of institutional capital into Retirement Living as an asset class is the other major story of 2017, and one which CBRE believe is primed to take off in 2018.  Unlike more established markets, the Retirement Living sector is still in its relative infancy and often misunderstood.  Despite the fact that the sector is underwritten by a growing elderly population and their accumulated wealth (not to mention the wider health benefits to residents and society), lenders have traditionally viewed the sector as Speculative Residential, rather than a Care-with-Housing model.  This has made funding challenging.  The last 12 months, however, appear to have been a watershed with a wave of institutional capital deployed in the UK.  The likes of Axa and L&G made significant acquisitions in 2017 and, if the sector gets it right, it could become an institutional asset class in the very near future.  Just look at Student Housing and you realise the potential.   You don't have to go to university, but it is much harder to avoid retirement!

Ever heard of DanTDM? No?  Well, according to Forbes magazine, Dan is the highest-earning YouTuber of 2017 making an astonishing £12.3 million this year.  Not bad for someone who started off making videos of himself playing Minecraft and Pokémon.  And to demonstrate the power of YouTube, DanTDM has now got more than 16 million subscribers and has had more than 10 billion views of his videos.  The Forbes magazine "Top Ten" is mostly made up of other gamers, but it also includes six year old Ryan of Ryan's ToysReview.   Ryan netted himself a cool £8.2 million last year for.....wait for it......opening toys and reviewing them.  A tough gig for a six year old then!  Depressingly, it will be back to the office for the rest of us come Monday morning.