What have Claudio Ranieri, PwC and Arnold Schwarzenegger got in common?  The answer is that over the course of the last ten days all three have been the subject of very public sackings.  Back in May, Claudio was the "Toast of Leicester City" after leading his team to an improbable Premier League title.  Nine months on and the owners demonstrated just how cut-throat the world of football can be by showing him the exit door.  PwC consultant Brian Cullinan's little envelope mix-up at the Oscars was more costly than most.  Taking pictures of newly-crowned, Best Actress Emma Stone may have been an understandable distraction, but his lack of concentration has cost him his backstage pass at next year's ceremony, and caused global shock, horror and amusement in the process.  Which leaves us with ex-California Governor and ex-Terminator star, Schwarzenegger, who has been sacked from the US version of Celebrity Apprentice.  Arnie has claimed he is leaving of his own volition due to the show's ties with President Trump (the show's Executive Producer).  However, the rumour-mill suggests he was well and truly "fired" too.  Oh the irony!
Headlining the property news this week has been the announcement that CC Land is set to acquire the Leadenhall Building, better known as "The Cheesegrater", for an eye-watering £1.15 bn.  The mega-deal will be the second largest UK real estate deal in history and has prompted speculation that other overseas investors are poised to pounce on a wave of London trophy assets.  The sale price, which was 26% higher than the September 2016 valuation figure, hassurely vindicated British Land and Oxford Properties' decision to develop the 225 metre tall tower in the immediate aftermath of the GFC.  Thedeal will also act as a catalyst for the development of a cluster of skyscrapers set to transform the City skyline.  Axa IM are building a 278 metre skyscraper at 22 Bishopsgate - a building  the architect describes as "quiet, elegant, something not too flamboyant" (?!) - whilst Singaporean developer Aroland Holdings secured consent in 2016 for a 73-storey tower at 1 Undershaft, affectionately known as The Trellis.  At over 300 metres, The Trellis will be the second tallest building in Europe behind the Shard.  CC Land may have bought the biggest building in the City for now, but the new generation of skyscrapers are in danger of making the Cheesegrater look like a fun-sized wedge of parmesan!

Have you ever heard of Allan V Evans, rightful heir to the throne and future King of England?  Nor had Prince Charles until this week.  However, the 55 year old man from Colorado placed an advert in The Times on Tuesday claiming to be a direct descendant of the last King of Wales, traced through an unbroken line of primogeniture dating back to the third century, and will be launching his bid for his "royal historical estate" in just 30 days.  But before anyone is panicked into thinking Evans will soon be landing his invasion fleet on British shores, it appears he has no plans to depose the Queen "out of the greatest and most deepest respect" for her Majesty.  He'll just be taking over Prince Charles' spot when the time comes!  Dig a little deeper and we find that Mr Evans is a registered Republican who, on assuming his rightful crown, will make Lady Britannia "great once again".  Now where have we heard that phrase before?!