According to Deloitte Real Estate's London Office Crane Survey, 3.9 million sq ft of new office space was completed in the six months to the end of March, the highest half yearly total for thirteen years.  And despite the Brexit doom-mongers' warnings that half the City's financial sector will soon be de-camping to Paris or Frankfurt (!), new development activity is seeing little sign of slowing, with 2017's annual delivery set to be the highest since 2003.  One issue the developers might do well to focus on, however, is their in-house sound system. Currently there is a growing trend for installing Sonos speakers in offices which allow employees to select their favourite tunes by the click of a smartphone app. The songs join a queue and are played in order. The downside of this trend of course is that not everyone's music tastes are aligned. Incidents of "Sonos Rage" are becoming more frequent, with staff upset by colleagues skipping their selection or jumping songs to the front of the queue. So if you find yourself struggling to concentrate tomorrow morning because some bright spark thought "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses would "lighten the office mood", you may not be the only one!

The Weekly was in Bristol this week for Hartnell Taylor Cook's 2017 Commercial Property Review, a trip which only served to reinforce the city's attractiveness to both occupiers and investors. At one point the commentary-filled coach trip took a detour down the dis-used runway at the historic Filton airfield. The 350-acre site, owned by Malaysia's YTL Corporation, is set to be one of the largest development sites in the UK, with proposals in place to deliver in excess of 2,700 homes, education facilities, commercial space and even a new railway station. However, the sheer scale of the site only really hits you once you're rumbling down the tarmac. The runway, extended in the 1940s for the maiden flight of the then record-breaking (and ultimately doomed) Brabazon airliner, is 2,467 metres long and 91 metres wide. And the adjoining Brabazon hangars, built to house these giant aircraft, are 35 metres high at the apex with a total volume of one million cubic metres. To put that into context, you could pop the O2 Arena inside without it even touching the sides! YTL have ambitions to be one of the leading developers in the UK. Their first project shows that they certainly don't do things in half measures!

We are all well-accustomed to the fact that our children are natural whiz kids with all things IT. Turn away for a split second and your two-year old will have nabbed your iPad, typed in your password and will be busy swiping through episodes of Peppa Pig to find their favourite one.  What's not so well publicised is that the older generation are also now being drawn in by the lure of the internet. According to The Times, internet use among people aged 75 and older has doubled in the past six years, rising from 19.9% to 40.5%. Older men are statistically more likely to be "silver surfers", but it is actually women of this age group who have seen the biggest rise, up almost threefold from 2011. So if granny isn't already using WhatsApp to send you photos of her flower garden, or grandpa snoring peacefully on the sofa, she soon will be!