The Premier League’s top two teams return to the pitch again this afternoon. Whilst a victory for Chelsea at Everton will take them within touching distance of another title, for second-placed Tottenham, a win against Arsenal would not only keep them in the title race but it would also bring an end to ‘St Totteringhams Day’. For those Weekly readers not acquainted with the phrase, St Totteringham's Day refers to the day in the Premier League calendar when Tottenham can no longer mathematically finish higher than Arsenal. This made-up date has been celebrated by Arsenal fans in every season since 1994/95 and over the 21 year intervening period, Arsenal have accumulated 384 more points than Spurs. That's an average of 18.3 per season. However, the disparity has been closing for some time. On three occasions over the past five seasons just a solitary point separated the two teams. But today could be the day the balance of power finally shifts. So if (or when?) the time comes, Tottenham fans should enjoy it. Call your Arsenal friends and gloat! Wear your colours in the street. (No bias here then!).

Given their sell-out attendance with over three hundred guests at Knight Frank's specialist property breakfast at Claridges Hotel on Thursday morning, it came as no real surprise to be told that there is strong and sustained demand for specialist property assets and that ‘the sector’ is recognised as the answer for investors seeking long-term secure income. The facts presented said it all. Contextualised against the wider investment market, the proportion of specialist property investment to all direct commercial property investment reached 27.5% in 2016. £70.4bn has been transacted into specialist property assets since 2007, with £5 billion into the Private Rented Sector in 2016 alone. And the stats didn’t stop there. In five years’ time, the professionally managed PRS is predicted to be the third largest property asset class in the UK. Given that there is such a deep and diverse pool of investors looking for specialist assets, Knight Frank’s forecast that investment volumes this year will see an 18% increase on 2016 volumes looks pretty robust to us.

Happy National Stationery Week! Sorry. What did you just say? Yes, in case you missed it, the week that just passed us by has been National Stationery Week, a week which celebrates the written word and all things stationery. Why stationery warrants a whole week of awareness is slightly beyond us, but apparently stationery is a big deal. It is worth £2.06bn a year in the UK, having grown 3.2% in the past 5 years. Given our increasing reliance on computers, phones and tablets, writing by hand and letter writing is under attack. That’s hardly newsworthy, but STABILO, the pen manufacturers, believe the results of the research they commissioned to celebrate National Stationery Week were worth sharing. For example:

  1. A third of the people questioned admit they barely write anymore.
  2. Handwriting which leans to the right suggests someone is friendly.
  3. Left-leaning writing can suggest a cynical nature.
  4. Blue ink is often an indicator of friendliness.
  5. Joined-up handwriting often signals efficiency and a no-nonsense attitude.

The spokesman for STABILO went on to say: “The analysis of handwriting or graphology is a fascinating subject.” We will leave our readers to be the judge of that over the Bank Holiday weekend!