‘A week is a long time in politics’ goes the saying. For Theresa May (and Nicola Sturgeon, Paul Nuttall, Nick Clegg among many, many other politicians) this has been a really long week! In a period of less than two months, the Prime Minster has managed to turn a predicted landslide into a hung Parliament and a humiliating personal defeat. The result was so bad for Theresa May that Jeremy Corbyn has been able to claim victory despite the fact he lost. But in reality, the election result brought disappointment to all the main parties. The Conservatives lost their majority; Labour suffered their third defeat in a row; the Liberal Democrats found themselves basically treading water; the SNP's independence crusade came to a juddering halt; and UKIP basically imploded. Perhaps the only winners were the DUP who now seem to have been awarded the role of 'kingmakers'. What went right, or wrong, will no doubt be heavily scrutinised over the coming days, weeks and months, but ultimately rather than producing a 'strong and stable' Government, Mrs May’s election gamble has created yet more uncertainty for the UK. The one thing we really didn’t need or want.

The last twelve months seem to have flown by. Not least, the St Bride's Annual Seminar will take place again on Wednesday morning at the Wellcome Auditorium, when our speakers will be tackling the theme of 'Battles', including...1) the political and economic battles that lie ahead now that Article 50 has been triggered; 2) London's battle to avoid losing business to its European (scavenging) competitors; and 3) the constant battle for investors to find value and for managers to deliver attractive returns. But is there any value out there? Will the results of this week’s General Election have any impact on a UK property market that is still seeing record prices being paid for prime assets? Will overseas investors continue investing in their droves? Will long-income assets remain in favour at the on-going expense of secondary, higher yielding properties? For those of you not able to attend, next week’s edition of The Weekly will cover the ‘best bits’.
Depending on when you are reading this edition of The Weekly, England may well be World Cup football champions again. Yup. You did read that right! In the South Korean city of Suwon later this morning (11am), England’s U20s are aiming to win a global football tournament for England for the first time in fifty one years. In their way is Venezuela, a country ranked 58th in the world and who have never ever qualified for a full World Cup. Even if things do go wrong, England have bettered their previous best performance at this tournament (third in 1993). So is this side a potential new 'golden generation'? Are they the future England squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Not if the 1993 squad is anything to go by. Of that 1993 team, only four players went on to represent England at senior level. They did however amass 2,579 Premier League games between them. So, if the current U20 team don't manage to put to an end 'fifty one years of hurt', they will probably be able to console themselves with the prospects of earning an average Premier League salary of £44,000 per week!