Regular readers of The Weekly will by now be used to an unashamed bias towards all things sporting in our round-up of the week's key events.  This week in particular has dished up a sporting feast; one which seemed to reduce office email traffic at work on Thursday and Friday to no more than a half-hearted trickle.  The holiday season, combined with the start of the Test Match at Lords and the Brits outperforming all expectations at Wimbledon, means the property industry were either court/pitch side applying the sun tan lotion, or instead live-streaming it all to the computer and watching from the comfort of an air-conditioned office.  And then, of course, came Saturday!  Warren Gatland was depicted as a red-nosed clown on his arrival in New Zealand at the start of the Lions Tour, and only 5 weeks ago his jet-lagged and heavy legged squad were almost beaten by a scratch side of keen amateurs.  And yet, yesterday morning, Gatland's Lions team somehow secured a backs-to-the-wall draw against the best rugby playing nation on the planet to draw the series.  As the final whistle blew, there were pleas from all sides for a 4th deciding Test.  It just seems too painful to wait another 12 years for the renewal of this particular epic rivalry.

If you have traditionally viewed residential auction catalogues as the home of buy-to-let flats, ground rent opportunities, and vacant houses ripe for conversion you may have been surprised to spot a sizeable £9 million office investment in Allsop's current July catalogue.  The part-vacant lot on Newbury Business Park comprises 3 office buildings with permitted development rights approval to build 129 flats.  This is a whopping sized lot by auction standards, but the vendor Stonegate Homes clearly believes that the auction route is the best way to generate competitive tension and secure best price.  A sign of things to come?  Possibly.  But, if you do find yourself in the auction room on 20 July be sure not to wave to friends, or stretch out your arms at the wrong moment.  You may suddenly find yourself the unwelcome owner of 48,859 sq ft of office space, with just 8 weeks to find a cool £9 million.

The political heads of the G20 nations have spent a frenetic few days flitting between choreographed photo shoots, closed door meetings, and grand speeches.  According to President Trump, the US and the UK have been "working on a trade deal which will be a very, very big deal, a very powerful deal, great for both countries" and one that will be "done very, very quickly".  Confident words from the President after his 50 minute meeting with Theresa May!  Perhaps even more so when you consider the complexities surrounding trade talks and the fact that, under EU Law, formal talks between London and Washington can't begin until March 2019.  That said, The Weekly is inclined to leave the politicians to dance around each other in Berlin and leave you instead with some fancy footwork from Week 1 at Wimbledon.  After all, who couldn't be inspired by Dominic Thiem and Jared Donaldson's ovation-winning rally, or Joe Salisbury vaulting into the stands to make this even more spectacular return!