Last night the world of track and field bid farewell to two sporting icons;  Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.  As an eight time Olympic champion and double world record holder, Bolt has reigned supreme as the fastest man on the planet for over a decade.  Not bad for a guy who originally had aspirations to be a fast bowler, or play football for Manchester United!   In turn, Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama "Mo" Farah, to go by his official title, has been the most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic history.  It was Mo who illuminated the 2012 Olympics on "Super Saturday" and last night he secured a hard fought second place in the 5,000 metres.  A silver lining to what has otherwise been a golden career.  We will also sadly be saying goodbye to another (if lesser known) sporting legend, Hero the Hedgehog.  Hero might only be a mascot, but he has won the hearts of the crowd in London by displaying helpful signs such as "Only a Ton of laps still to go", doing rolly pollies down the stadium steps, and even sliding along the track in an inflatable flamingo.  Have the Lightning Bolt and the Mobot really been upstaged by a man in a pink and gold hedgehog suit??   

If you haven't visited Cardiff recently you are likely to notice two things as you step out of the exit doors at Cardiff Central Station.  Firstly, it is probably still raining.  Secondly, someone has been very busy building.  Central Square has undergone an unprecedented transformation, which was given a further boost this week when L&G and their development partner, Rightacres, announced that they have just completed the largest-ever office leasing deal in Wales.  The Government Property Unit (GPU) is set to bring 4,000 public servants to Cardiff and has signed a new 25 year lease on 265,976 sq. ft. of office space to accommodate them.  The latest announcement takes the total square footage of newly constructed office space at Wales' largest-ever regeneration scheme to over 1 million sq. ft.  According to Rightacres' CEO, Cardiff has experienced "a perfect storm of requirements" with the additional arrival of the BBC, Hugh James and MotoNovo.  As the saying goes, "when it rains in Cardiff, it pours"!

Apparently there is no better time to be in the bomb shelter business!  Californian-based company, Atlas Survival, sells products such as the "Bombnado" - a shelter complete with a seating area, bunk beds and storage - designed to be built under new houses.  As President Trump continues to ratchet up the language of "fire and fury", sales have apparently sky-rocketed!  If you'll excuse the pun.  But, don't worry.  If the "Bombnado" sounds a little cramped for your tastes, Atlas Survival also sell a luxury version which comes fully-fitted with a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen; all designed to be installed 20 feet underground.  The Weekly cannot comment on the shelter's protective qualities in the event of the unthinkable, but it certainly sounds like a very viable, sound-proof utility room for screaming children!