Two days in and the Winter Olympics has already given us some memorable moments. Even before the opening ceremony, we saw British snowboarder Katie Ormerod not only fracture her wrist but also her heel on two consecutive days. Then we had the opening ceremony which saw North and South Korea pretend they were friends for a few hours. But why would you want to watch a collection of sports events that Britain, a country regularly destabilised by a few centimetres of snow, is supposedly no good at? Especially when you are supposed to be fast asleep! Well there's the skeleton which involves watching athletes hurtling down a mountain at 80mph with their face only inches away from a rock hard sheet of ice. There's also the curling (bowls on ice with some random broomstick action). But The Weekly is particularly looking forward to seeing how the female Nigerian bobsleigh team get on. Dubbed ‘Cool Runnings reloaded’, the women are not only Nigeria's first Winter Olympic athletes but also Africa's first bobsleigh team. Thirty years ago the Jamaican men's bobsleigh team took the sports world by storm at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Let’s just hope that the Nigerian team fare rather better in South Korea. All they need to do is finish the course!

It was standing room only at the Montcalm hotel in London on Tuesday morning as the property industry gathered together to discover just how well the sector had performed last year. And rather well was the answer. Contrary to the expectation at the beginning of 2017, All Property delivered a total return of 10.2%, heavily aided by the performance of industrials and alternatives. South East industrials were the best performing sub-sector, delivering a staggering 22.5% return. Whilst there was plenty of back-slapping, attention quickly turned to what 2018 might have in store. Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Advisor at Cebr, set the scene, suggesting that the UK economy may actually fare better than has been widely forecast. Ms Pryce also admitted that when it comes to forecasting, ‘could do better’ is the over-riding result. So when the IPF release their next consensus forecast total return for 2018 on 23rd February, you should probably take it with a pinch of salt. It will be interesting to see just how different it is to the 4.0% they forecast for 2018 back at the end of November, only three months ago!

If half-term isn’t enough to worry about next week, there’s also the small matter of Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Day too. In fact, for the first time since 1945, Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day. Utter chaos for anyone wanting to give up chocolate, alcohol or flowers for Lent. Whilst tradition would dictate that a pile of stodgy, syrup-soaked pancakes are on the menu on Tuesday night, tradition also suggests that it’s romantic dinner time on Wednesday. Stay in or go out? Overpriced fixed menu in a stuffy local restaurant or a meal deal from the supermarket? Silence in a restaurant or silence on the sofa? One retailer that has joined the Valentine’s bandwagon this year is Greggs. We’re not just talking about a special sausage roll or romantic yum yum, but rather a four-course candle-lit meal in a selected number of their stores. The special meal features canapes of seasoned pork puff pastry sliders, love heart garnished sausage and baked bean melts and a brochette of doughnuts! All this and a glass of prosecco for just £15. What more can you ask for? The only catch, unfortunately, is that this dine-in experience sold out in just ten minutes. Back to the sofa it is then.