For many parents, this Monday's school drop-off will bring with it a welcome sense of relief after a frenetic half-term break.  Keeping children entertained and out-of-mischief can be a challenging and draining experience.  The holidays are often crammed with clubs, play-dates and excursions in a failed bid to pry your children away from the TV or the dreaded games console.  Indeed, you are unlikely to be the only parent worried just how much time the kids have spent playing Grand Turismo Sport on the PlayStation.  On this subject, The Weekly can provide both good news and bad news for beleaguered parents.  On the downside, playing video car games has this week been blamed for a surge in under-age driving.  According to DVLA statistics, more than 1,000 driving bans were handed to children in 2017, a surge that has coincided with life-like video games that “give youngsters the confidence to get behind the wheel”.  And we are not only talking about 16 year olds.  According to the BBC, 33 disqualifications were issued for those aged 13 and under.  #Hidethekeys.  On the positive side, at least your children haven't actually disappeared off down the road in the family Fiesta (quite yet). 

It is results season for the UK listed real estate sector, but positive company news-flow over recent weeks has been at odds with share price setbacks, as the FTSE Real Estate Index appears to have been dragged down by wider macro-economic concerns.  Worries about rising inflation, which held stubbornly at 3.0% in January (a near six year high), and the now real prospect of 2018 interest rate increases have clearly spooked investors and the wider markets.  The real estate sector has not been immune to the resultant volatility (showing a minus 7.5% total return year-to-date), but the general tone of company results has been largely upbeat.  SEGRO, for example, who published their 2017 results on Friday achieved earnings growth of 5.9% over the year, driven by like-for-like rental growth, reduced vacancy and the delivery of new space.  The value of the UK portfolio increased an impressive (and expectation-busting) 15.8%, but notably, after a number of years of anaemic growth in Europe, SEGRO's European assets also saw capital growth of 6.2% on the back of falling yields.  With the industrial sector on an upward trajectory and SEGRO's future earnings prospects underpinned by 1.2 million sq m of development projects under construction, or in advanced pre-let discussions, this feels like a company you wouldn't bet against.
With President Trump ensconced in the White House, you'd be forgiven for asking what qualifications you require to reach high political office in the United States.  Well, if the elections for the new governor of Kansas are anything to go by, the answer is very few. Back in the autumn, a number of teenagers staked their claim for office when they realised there is no age requirement for the job.  And now it appears that Kansas resident Terran Woolley was so inspired by the flood of teenagers entering the race that he entered his three-year-old dog, Angus. He says the wire-haired vizla would run on a platform of “soft couches, a universal free-for-life supply of chuck-it balls and a completely anti-squirrel agenda.”  Unfortunately, whilst Angus’s paperwork was filed last week, the Kansas secretary of state’s office claims that a dog is “not capable of serving the responsibilities required of the governor.”  Angus has yet to comment publicly on this injustice.