If this weekend has been all about Rugby and the return of the Six Nations, next weekend promises an even grander sporting spectacle in the form of the Winter Olympics.  After all, where else will you see athletes reach speeds closing in on 100 mph in the downhill, watch competitors hurtle feet-first down an ice track on a tiny sled at speeds in excess of 80 mph, or peer through your fingers as ski jumpers routinely launch themselves the length of a football pitch hoping to land in one piece?  Add in the grace and poise of figure skating, and the odd ice hockey punch-up, and the Winter Olympics seems to have all the ingredients for a memorable two weeks of action.  Tune in and you'll also witness history in the making too.  Nigeria's women's bobsleigh team are set to become the first African sled to compete at a Winter Olympics, Eritrea will be represented for the very first time when Shannon Ogbani-Abeda takes his place in the men's downhill, and (all going to plan) the teams from South Korea and North Korea will march together behind a "unified Korea" flag.  If you can't wait until next weekend for a slice of alpine action, Ski Sunday is on BBC 2 at 5.15pm! 

There were no arguments in the office over which member of the St Bride's Alliance warranted the prize for deal of the week!  Oxygen revealed that they had acquired Riverbank House, a City of London headquarters building currently occupied by Man Group, Royal Bank of Canada and law firm Field Fisher, for a cool £400 million (give, or take!).  The purchase, on behalf of one of their South African clients, brings to an end an extensive search for a prime Central London office building which they hope can replicate previous successes in the City.  In 2011, for example, Oxygen acquired London Fire Brigade’s headquarters in Southwark for around £50 million, before selling it to TH Real Estate for £90 million in 2015.  The Riverbank House deal comes on the back of figures released by LSH showing that Central London office volumes climbed 24% to £3.6 billion in Q4 2017, an indication of renewed confidence in the market.  The Weekly did venture down the stairs to the first floor for an exclusive comment from one of Oxygen’s founders on Friday afternoon, only to find the lights off and office door locked.  Sadly we can’t provide a quote, but we’re glad some deal celebration traditions live on!

Keeping with the office theme, Cushman & Wakefield published research this week entitled "Well Work Place".  C&W believe that future workplaces will look radically different as employers respond to a growing requirement from staff for a work-health balance.  Indeed, it appears most of us work in what are essentially ‘unwell’ offices (and that doesn't just mean that the person opposite you has winter flu this week).  If the research is anything to go by, this focus on well-being is more than just a ‘fad’, but a global socio-economic shift.  Expect the proliferation of "Wellness Officers" and "Wellness Metrics", along with some slightly confused looks from your boss when you tell him the office is 'unwell' and you'd prefer to work from home this week!