Whilst Spring made a belated and welcome appearance yesterday, the 171st Grand National at Aintree glued millions of us to our TV screens as we watched the 40 horses and their riders compete in the world's most iconic and challenging steeplechase.  Yet despite being notoriously unpredictable, many of you will have watched the race smug in the knowledge that you'd already backed the certain winner.  Surely everyone knew that Tiger Rolls was a dead cert?  After all Friday night's "Virtual Grand National Predictor race" shown on ITV4  showed Tiger Rolls winning by a head from Chase the Spud, with Total Recall in third.  Amazingly this incredibly realistic CGI race, based on complex data algorithms, proved to be spot on and Tigers Rolls clinched first place in a dramatic photo finish.  But before you bet your life savings on next year's National, in the mis-guided belief that Nick Luck and his team have cracked the code for sure fire betting success, it is worth pointing out that second place in the "real" race went to Pleasant Company, with Bless the Wings in third.  Chase the Spud and Total Recall never in even made it round!

St Bride's found itself in the property press this week following the acquisition of College Trade Park - a recently completed, new-build trade counter scheme North Leeds.  The scheme headlines a Property Week article that focuses on wider investment appetite for the trade counter sector.  Occupiers in the sector are certainly capitalizing on the e-commerce revolution and are diversifying their functions to include next-day deliveries and click & collect.  This means they will often pay premium rents on the back of the quasi-retail nature of the operation, which in turn makes them an attractive proposition for investors.  The limiting factor though, as one of Savill's directors rightly argues, is that "premium rents are limited to premium locations".  From the occupier's perspective, prominence, accessibility and clustering appear to be the key.      

Whatever happened to the old adage that a glass of red wine in the evening is good for you?  A major study published in the Lancet medical journal has (rather depressingly!) concluded that just one alcoholic drink a day is enough to shorten your life expectancy. Analysis of 60,000 people found that consuming five to ten drinks a week is likely to shorten your life by up to six months.  Analyze that on a drink-by-drink basis and each additional glass of wine brings you 30 minutes closer to the end!  No doubt the study's findings have been the subject of heated debate in the pubs and bars this weekend, but The Weekly isn't convinced that it will do much to curb the nation's drinking habits.  For one, the study ignores the sheer pleasure that can be derived from a post-work pint (or two), or the proven, stress-relieving benefits of a glass of Malbec.  And then we have to remember the fact that humans are innately irrational.  This was best demonstrated last week by a 34 year old American man who was hospitalized with "crushingly painful" headaches after eating the world's hottest chilli pepper.  Why?  To win a chilli eating competition with his mates.  Viewed in that context, the extra round of pints seems eminently sensible! Kronenbourg anyone?