As it is Easter Sunday, it is time to take a break from the usual in-depth analysis of the week's economic, political and sporting events.  In keeping with our Easter tradition, here are a few "eggs-citing facts" to share with the family; 

  • The most popular non-chocolate Easter treats are marshmallow Peeps (candies that are shaped into chicks, bunnies and other animals) with Americans eating more than 600 million over the Easter period.  Unlike the fragile chocolate Easter egg, Peeps are often described as “indestructible”.  In 1999 scientists at Emory University carried out experiments on batches of Peeps to see how easily they could be dissolved using everything from boiling water to liquid nitrogen!  They eventually had to admit defeat with the eyes though as they allegedly "wouldn't dissolve in anything". 
  • On the back of a recent consumer spending study estimating that every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs, the Department of Health and Social Care has apparently set up a working group to review the health impacts of this annual “choc-fest”.  Suggestions to combat the potential health impacts include;  rationing children by adopting a system of Easter egg tokens that can be distributed at schools and nurseries; running an “Augustus Gloop” TV advertising campaign showing the potentially “explosive” impact of eating too much chocolate; and inserting an exercise leaflet into hollow chocolate eggs showing how many star jumps are required to net off the calories.
  • In keeping with now annual tradition, Prince Harry will be donning an Easter Rabbit costume this weekend in Windsor and organising an egg hunt for the younger members of the Royal household.  Rumour has it that in his younger days, Harry actually targeted his father, Prince Charles, with a BB gun as he hopped between the bushes depositing Easter treats.  Harry will be hoping he can hide the eggs this year without being either spotted, or shot at!
  • In the wake of this week's ball-tampering scandal, ex-Australian cricket captain Steve Smith has been dumped by the majority of his sponsors.  Asics, LG, and Weet-Bix have all cut ties with the batsman claiming he no longer represents their brand values.  The one notable exception has been chocolate maker Nestlé Australia.  A spokesman for Nestlé defended the company's decision to stick by Smith explaining that "whilst Nestlé don't condone Steve Smith's actions, he has always been a huge (and vocal) fan of our Violet Crumble bars and he needs his free supply of comfort food now more than ever".

Wishing you a Happy Easter......and a fun-filled April fools day!