St Bride's Managers is a global real estate investment manager and the cornerstone member of the St Bride's Global Alliance.

We are currently represented in
London, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong. 

We Launch And Manage

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St Bride's World Cities


We believe that a global exposure to real estate will become a stronger theme in institutional property investment strategies.

It is our ambition to 'de-mystify' overseas property investment and encourage investors to focus on key cities rather than a 'catch-all' country-wide approach. To this end, we have identified twenty cities for long-term investment, offering our clients a clear pathway to achieving a balanced and diversified portfolio.




St Bride's Key UK Regional Cities

We measure and rank the UK towns and cities for their long-term sustainability and vitality to determine our favoured UK regional cities.  

The results are generated from three levels of screening: seven strategic regional themes; eight demand proxies and three/four property specific indicators (including long-term total returns, yields and rental growth).

We believe that our 'Key Cities strategy' offers a clear pathway to achieve selective and controlled long-term exposure to property in the UK regions.