St Bride's Key Cities Partnership


The St Bride’s Key Cities Partnership closed in November 2015 with £75.25m to invest in assets of lot sizes between £3m and £8m in established and improving locations with asset enhancement potential.

The investment strategy is based upon collaborative research between St Bride’s Managers and Ramidus Consulting which has identified five cities for each of the three sectors (office, retail and industrial) outside London with the best long-term growth prospects. As at 1 July 2018 the Partnership has made nine investments, investing in excess of £63m.


24-28 Frederick Street, Edinburgh
Acquired - March 2018
Acquisition Cost - £8m
Size - 23,110 sq. ft.

25 King Street, Bristol
Acquired - March 2016
Acquisition Cost - £6.5m
Size - 17,973 sq. ft.

68 & 70-72 Sackville Street, Manchester
Acquired - June 2016
Acquisition Cost - £6.5m
Size - 27,517 sq. ft

Broadway House, Manchester
Acquired - Sept 2016
Acquisition Cost - £6m
Size - 56,940 sq. ft

92-94 High Street, Guildford
Acquired - January 2017
Acquisition Cost - £8.1m
Size - 5,293 sq. ft.

College Trade Park, Leeds
Acquired - March 2018
Acquisition Cost - £10.7m
Size - 78,836 sq. ft.

54-55 Briggate, Leeds
Acquired - January 2018
Acquisition Cost - £6.1m
Size - 5,591 sq. ft

Dominions Way Trading Estate, Cardiff
Acquired - November 2017
Acquisition Cost - £6.2m
Size - 94,293 sq. ft

Selco, Horizon 38, Bristol
Acquired - December 2017
Acquisition Cost - £5.1m
Size - 35,056 sq. ft


Key Cities Partnership

Download 'St Bride's Key Cities Partnership - An Introduction' for more information.


St Bride's White Rose Partnership


St Bride’s White Rose Partnership closed with £47.50m of commitments from two Local Authority Pension Funds to invest in real estate opportunities exclusively in Yorkshire.

The partnership was designed to supply extra liquidity to Yorkshire at a time of distress and targeted assets of lot sizes between £2m and £5m to take advantage of a lack of competition at this price point. The partnership has a seven-year life and is targeting a 8.50% annual total return over its life, with a minimum of 6% expected to come through income.

Carlton Tower, St Paul’s Street, Leeds   Acquired: June 2013 Size: 21,532 sq. ft.

Carlton Tower,
St Paul’s Street, Leeds

Acquired: June 2013
Size: 21,532 sq. ft.

City Residence,
Haxby Road, York

Acquired: April 2018
Size: 124 rooms

Unit E, Devilliers Way,

Acquired: March 2015
Size: 31,660 sq. ft.

Hallamshire Court, Napier Street, Leeds

Acquired: October 2014
SizE: 16,161 sq. ft.

Wilton Road, Dewsbury

Acquired: December 2017
Size: 38,126 sq. ft.

Don Pedro Avenue,

Acquired: October 2014
Size: 4.25 acres

Oak House,
Moorhead Way, Rotherham

Acquired: June 2013
Size: 23,244 sq. ft.

Regent Street Retail Park, Leeds

Acquired: October 2014
Size: 29,580 sq. ft.

Ranskill Court,
Shepcote Lane, Sheffield

Acquired: November 2013
Size: 35,819 sq. ft.

Saviour House,
St Saviourgate, York

Acquired: June 2013
Size: 24,408 sq. ft.

Unit 1 Speedwell Road,

Acquired: May 2014
Size: 37,531 sq. ft.

Sidings Court,
White Rose Way, Doncaster

Acquired: October 2014
SizE: 28,278 sq. ft.

Sheffield Central

Acquired: July 2014
Size: 114 rooms

Sycamore House,
Knowsthorpe Lane, Leeds

Acquired: December 2013
Size: 34,684 sq. ft.

4-6 Church Street and
26-30 Swinegate, York

Acquired: July 2014
Size: 8,961 sq. ft.

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White Rose Partnership

Download 'St Bride's White Rose - An Introduction' for more information.