Spider Arrested | Slough Glamour | Extra Hour?

It must be a strange feeling heading to work knowing that you are going to be arrested.  Yet, for Alain Robert (aka the French Spiderman) getting "nicked" is part and parcel of his job.  The five foot five inch human spider brought a section of the City to a standstill on Thursday when he made a death-defying ascent of the 662 ft (202m) Heron Tower with no ropes, harness, or for that matter any safety equipment whatsoever.  He did, however, remember to take his passport with him "because it is reassuring for the authorities" when he (seemingly inevitably) does get arrested. The police understandably condemned the stunt accusing Monsieur Robert of diverting resources away from genuine emergencies. However, The Weekly isn't convinced this is the last we've seen of the Spiderman. Surely the lure of London's next crop of skyscrapers will be too much. The re-worked Pinnacle, for instance, which is currently under construction at 22 Bishopsgate will top out at 278m, whilst the Trellis at 1 Undershaft (likely to be completed in the early 2020s) is set to top out at a whopping 290m, making it the tallest tower in the City and rivalling the Shard for skyline supremacy.  The Weekly is betting that M. Robert won't be able to resist these new challenges.  And as he says, he's got time on his side.  He's only 56!

Imagine the best place to work in the UK.  The Berkshire town of Slough may not be the first image that springs to mind. Yet, for the second year running, this famously unglamorous town to the west of London has claimed top spot.  In a survey of the 'Best towns and Cities for employees in the UK', Slough came top due to the decent average salaries (weighted against house prices), huge range of employers and availability of work, and relatively low living costs.  The town has come a long way.  Back in 1937, poet John Betjeman wrote, "Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now!" And, as recently as 2006 a petition was launched to re-name the town in a bid to salvage its reputation. Now it has beaten the likes of Cambridge, Reading and Guildford to top spot. And with Crossrail arriving, and (if we wait long enough!), a third runway at Heathrow there's plenty more growth potential. 

Have you woken up this morning (with a slightly hazy head from Saturday night's over-exuberance not helping matters) trying to figure out what time it is? The Weekly, as ever, is here with your annual reminder that the clocks have changed and, whilst you got an extra hour in bed this morning, it will be dark by tea time. The frustration with modern technology is that you can never work out which of your devices (mobile, computer, microwave) have updated the time automatically and which haven't.  And that's before you've tried (and failed) to manually change the clocks on the boiler, oven and car dashboard!  Note; it's sometimes easier to leave these telling the wrong time for six months and just remember they are an hour fast.  Either way, you've probably already wasted the 'extra hour' ineffectually jabbing at reset buttons!