Medal Rush | Record Breakers | Festival Madness

Over the past 230 editions, The Weekly has consistently documented the sporting successes of the 6 Nations English rugby side, the England cricket team and, as if we were allowed to forget, the England football World Cup semi-final! One may ask if there has been a deliberate plan to hush over Scotland’s sporting achievements. Like the Calcutta Cup victory? Or the cricketing one-day win over the auld enemy? Or even the Scots’ outstanding  triumph in the World Indoor Tug of War Championships?! Okay, some of the events maybe rather more niche than others. However, a change of author this week has put all that to rights. So apologies in advance if there is a slight Scottish undertone to this edition.

This week, a new era of sport has got underway with both Glasgow and Berlin hosting the inaugural European Championships – an exciting (if a little confusing) new multi-sport event bringing together athletics, aquatics, cycling, gymnastics, rowing, triathlon and golf. As has become a regularity, the Scots (and probably some other Brits) have won a fistful of medals including Laura Kenny (cycling), Duncan Scott (200m freestyle swimming) and another world record from the unstoppable Adam Peaty in the 100m breaststroke. It has not been smiles for everyone at the Games though, not least for the Swedish decathlete, Marcus Nilsson, whose pole snapped mid jump in the men’s pole vault event. Ouch!

As the athletes battle it out in Glasgow, there has also been reason for celebration 50 miles east. According to GVA’s Big Nine Report, Edinburgh was the most active office investment market in the UK regions in Q2. It attracted £124m, representing just under a quarter of all regional office investment activity. Fortified by two of the biggest deals outside London, records were broken with The Mint, West Register Street which sold for £800 psf, the highest-ever price in the city. In terms of volume, New Uberior House led the way, with the Bank of Scotland buildings selling to MAS Real Estate for £71m (5.81%). Edinburgh’s regional dominance isn't likely to subside either in Q3 with Torphichen Street and Blenheim House already under offer for £35m and £30m respectively. With the city set for an impressive second half of the year, investment volumes should easily reach £350m for 2018 as a whole.

And an August Scottish edition of The Weekly would not be complete without mentioning the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For one month only, the city becomes quite an eccentric place to visit. If you walk along Potter Row you can guarantee you will be inundated with performers promoting their new shows including ‘Theresa May in a corset for no reason at all’ and ‘War with Newts – the rise and fall of new(t) capitalism’. However, the show that caught The Weekly’s attention most was a whole lot more bizarre. ‘Running’ is a one man show where its performer does just that… runs. But to add to its silliness, he’s not even in Edinburgh. He is in Auckland, New Zealand where he films himself running around parks and streets for an hour each evening. He is on throughout the entirety of the Fringe (except Monday 13th – he needs a rest at some point!). Fortunately for the tourists, the tickets are free. Even so, The Weekly will be focusing again on the European Championships in Glasgow…or is it Berlin? Och aye the noo!