Pantomime Brexit | Indian Dynamism | Footballing Spies

If you think you’ve had a busy week, spare a thought for Theresa May, who continues to go back and forth into unchartered territory as the Brexit clock ticks down to 68 days as of this morning. Back stop? Customs union? No-deal? Tea with milk and digestives? Wait what was that last one…? Through the political jargon, a group of prominent German figures have written a letter to The Times this week urging Britain to rethink Brexit. Led by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who is in line to be the next German Chancellor, the letter states that Britons will always have friends in Germany and Europe no matter the outcome. Other signatures include business leaders and former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann! The letter concludes with what Germans love about Britain, ‘the legendary dark humour, going to the pub after work to drink ale and the pantomime at Christmas.’ The Weekly is struggling to formulate an image of  Angela Merkel at the local Cinderella panto, but we’ll take their word for it!
This week saw the release of JLL’s latest City Momentum Index, ranking 131 established and emerging markets across the globe to identify the world’s 20 most dynamic cities. This should not be confused with St Bride's own top twenty World Cities which is published in June each year. JLL's results show urban growth continuing to move from the West to the East with 19 of the top 20 cities in this year’s index belonging to the Asia Pacific. The index was dominated by Indian and Chinese cities, with Bengaluru ranked in first place. The Indian city has an established reputation for technological and electronic development, as well as being home to five of India’s eight companies valued over US $1 billion. The report looks in depth at how the technology sector in India is a key driver of both real estate and economic momentum, boosted not only by the large dominant tech firms but also by a healthy start-up culture, pushing them up the rankings. India’s top cities have continued to draw high levels of foreign investment over recent years, while a range of new Government-led reforms are working towards drastically improving the low levels of transparency in the country.  
Marcelo Bielsa was the name on every sports journalist's lips this week, when the Leeds United head coach was caught red-handed, sending a spy to watch Derby County train before the two teams faced each other last Friday. Cue outrage from one half of the footballing community, claiming his actions were against the spirit of the game and giving his team an unfair advantage. It seemed as though Bielsa was backed against a wall, but in a rather bizarre twist the manager has admitted to spying on every one of his opponents this season! In a rather unorthodox press conference, the Argentinian claimed he wasn’t breaking any laws and proceeded to show his commitment to preparation by conducting an hour-long presentation to the press on his tactics for the Derby County game. Everyone happy so it seems? Maybe everyone except for Frank Lampard, the Derby County boss whose team’s in-depth strategies have now been shown to the entire footballing world! But the prize for career suicide this week was reserved for Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock, making his vocal views on Brexit heard, exclaiming 'to hell with the rest of the world!' A brave move considering the owner of the football club he manages is a Malaysian billionaire - Vincent Tan!