Fijian Hollywood | Channel 4 | Happy Easter

When people think of famous sporting films based on true stories, they probably think of those located across the Atlantic; remember Cool Runnings and Moneyball, to name but a couple? A country that you probably wouldn’t think of is Fiji. However that could be set to change. Ex-Fiji Rugby Sevens coach, Ben Ryan, is in talks to make a movie to document Fiji's road to Olympic 2016 glory. The potential film would cover the highs and lows of Fiji’s national sport and its charismatic players. The Fiji Sevens team has always been known for playing the most unpredictable, but beautiful rugby. However it is the amateur and laid-back character, mixed with the religious beliefs and spirituality of the island that Ryan says would make the film such a success. When he arrived to coach the side, word got through that one of his key players would miss the first couple of days training as his legs had been "cursed" in a case of local black magic and he was lying prone in his village. "He was our kicker, so that was difficult," said Ryan. Fiji's Sevens team next takes to the pitch in May, in the penultimate World Series tournament in London. For those rugby fans that can't wait, the second semi-final of the European Champions Cup takes place this afternoon, as Leinster bid to get one step closer to back-to-back European trophies. 

Last week, Channel 4 settled on a location for its new Leeds-based HQ, the former Majestic dance hall. The broadcaster, who has never had a base outside London in its thirty-six year history, will lease more than 25,000 sq. ft. across three floors of the Grade II listed building, opposite Leeds railway station. They are set to move into the property towards the end of 2020 after a two-year campaign from Leeds City Council to lure the broadcaster to the city. As the rank outsider, Leeds beat tough competition from Birmingham and Manchester. The broadcaster's footprint may seem insignificant considering the city’s £21 billion annual economy but the ripple-effect of Channel 4’s brand is set to contribute up to £1.2 billion over the next ten years. It is expected that the move will help to create a ‘northern centre’ for television and creative industries, providing jobs and keeping hold of graduates from the city’s three universities, that would traditionally have moved to London post-university. On top of all this, it wouldn’t be a Weekly article if we didn’t remind you that Leeds is also a St Bride’s Managers Key City!

When it comes to Easter, for a lot of us it is an excuse to throw away any possible diets and dig into as much chocolate and as many Easter eggs as we can manage. So as Easter Sunday begins, you’re either already full of treats or still on your Easter egg hunt ‘earning’ the chocolate. However, this year it may not just be chocolate that you’re searching for in your garden. Sainsbury’s have broken the mould, redefining Easter as ‘Cheester’, with an egg made entirely of cheddar! But Sainsbury’s are not alone in their quirky holiday ideas. To keep up with millennial demand, Waitrose have created a trio of miniature chocolate avocados. The little bites come with a hard-dark chocolate shell and soft milk chocolate centre. So even if you think you’re choosing the healthier option, you’re only kidding yourself! And finally, Asda has created a marmite-inspired chocolate egg with the exact flavouring of the divisive spread. Love it or hate it, The Weekly will be sticking to a Cadbury creme egg this year!