Brotherly Love | Stubborn Scots | Uncomprehendingly Fast

‘Has there ever been a more eventful week in politics?’ How many times has that been said in the office over the last year? Well, The Weekly can add one more to that total now! In what has been a turbulent start to Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister, this week will rank as his most difficult of the past six. His political strategy has taken numerous backfires, beginning with MP Phillip Lee crossing the parliament floor mid-speech and joining the Liberal Democrats, and ending with Mr Johnson being denied a request for a snap election. All that alongside the House of Lords progressing a back bench bill to prevent the PM agreeing a no-deal Brexit. But perhaps the most awkward event of the week was government minister and Tory MP for Orpington handing in his resignation. The man in question of course is Boris Johnson’s brother and remain voter Jo Johnson who stood down on the basis that he was torn between 'family loyalty' and 'national interest.' The Johnsons weren't the only brothers that have been failing to right their differences this week, Noel and Liam Gallagher have been adding fuel to the fire of their long-lasting public feud as well. Liam has now claimed that Noel’s wife called him fat which ‘hurt his feelings.’ You would hope that at least Boris and Jo won't stoop to that level of immaturity, but the way things are going The Weekly wouldn’t bet against it!

Whilst most of us have sat with our head in our hands watching the political events of the week unfold, Boris' US counterpart has also been hitting the news. President Donald Trump’s organisation has this week promised to fund a new school and health centre in the Scottish town of Ellon in an attempt to secure support for his luxury housing estate near Trump International golf course in Aberdeenshire. The promises don't stop there, however, with a new waste and recycling centre planned for nearby Balmedie alongside the building of 150 affordable homes in the later phases of development. If The Weekly has learnt anything over the years though it's this; 1. Don't always trust politicians' promises and 2. the Scots can be a stubborn bunch. There has been huge resistance to Trump's attempts to win over the Aberdeenshire council with over 2,900 letters of objection and a petition of protest which has now reached 19,000 signatures. At present, the transport department is currently the only section of Aberdeenshire's council opposing Trump's developments on the basis that there are no safe walking routes planned from his resort to Balmedie town centre. That means Donald Trump is currently in the midst of two highly contentious global disputes; 1. The US government vs China in their trade disagreements and 2. Trump Organisation v Aberdeenshire Transport Department. The Weekly isn't clear which opponent will put up the hardest fight!

Zach Bitter isn’t a name you’ve probably heard of, but after learning what he’s been up to this week, The Weekly  is sure it’s one you’ll not forget in a hurry. The American ultra-marathon runner crushed the 100-mile world record this week recording a time of 11:19:13. Running 100 miles in one go is quite staggering in itself and the sheer distance makes the time quite difficult to comprehend, so The Weekly thought we would break it down for you. Bitter averaged 6:47 minutes per mile pace throughout the run. That pace translates to a 2:58 hour marathon, except he was running the equivalent of nearly four marathons, nonstop of course! And to break it down even further, for the average Sunday jogger his pace translates to 21:06 minutes every 5k, except he was running 32 ½ consecutive 5ks! And he didn’t stop there, Bitter slowed down but only slightly and continued to run for another 40 minutes to break his own world record of running 104.8 miles in 12 hours. So if you were questioning whether or not to lace the trainers up this morning (or you are watching the Great North Run on the TV) maybe this will give you the motivation you need. Either that or scare you off entirely!